About Us:

Finish Line Traffic Marking was formed in 2013 by Scott Silas and his son Joe.  Scott has over 30 year of experience in the paint and line marking industry, including a wide knowledge of paint and equipment being sole owner/operator of C&S Spray Systems and his past partnership with True Colors Painting. 

Our primary goal is to serve our customers and provide the best possible results for you, our customers.  Whether you are a small company or a large organization, we can provide you quality services at affordable prices.  

We are proud to serve the Greater Vancouver Metro area.  
We carry 5 million liability insurance and are registered with WCB.


We offer a variety of services including Parking Lots, Parkades and Roadways.

Whether it is a brand new layout or already existing lot we are committed to provide you with professional services to provide you with quality results and work with you to achieve the maximum usage of your lot and an attractive aesthetic feel.  Your job is our number 1 priority.


Parking Lot Painting

From small parking lots to large parking structures our professionally trained staff can tackle the job with the equipment, and confidence in a timely manner

Parking Lot Planning

We have the experience to effectively help you plan and design your lot to suit your traffic needs

Line Removal

We have the equipment to remove both paint and thermoplastic traffic coatings from asphalt & concrete surfaces

Thermoplastic Marking

Using our Transtex 360M thermoplastic hand liners
We are able to put down various sizes of lines - 4’’ 6’’ 8’’ 12’’ 24’’
We have two 750 lb. pre melters trailer mounted to be able to tackle the larger jobs

Long Line Striper

We have long line striping truck with a capacity of carrying 250 gallons of traffic paint and 800 lbs of glass bead for road ways and high ways capable of striping and applying glass bead

Glass Bead

Create reflective lines, providing enhanced visibility through darkness, rain, and fog to create safer driving conditions

Signs & Curb Stops

We supply and install signs of all types and sizes & curb stops


We stock nearly hundreds stencils available to do your parking lot, roadways and walls
Numbers in different sizes
Arrows, numbers and lettering from 2’’ to 8’
Disabled parking signs
We can make custom stencils to fit your needs 




Proud sponsor of Joey Silas-JS Motorsports #8 Mini Stock & #8 Late Model